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Take an Active Role in Improving and Restoring Your Sexual Health

Erection is a Nerve-Generated Vascular Event

Over 40 million men experience erectile dysfunction due to many medical and psychological conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart/vascular disease, depression, alcohol/drug abuse, smoking, pelvic surgery and side effects of medications.

Erection = Nerves + Blood Flow + Pelvic Muscle Strength

In order to obtain a successful erection and adequate firmness for sexual intercourse, the nerves, blood flow and pelvic muscles must work in great harmony, or at least one component must work harder to compensate for the deficit of the other one or two parts. Now there are two cutting-edge therapies - the Viberect medical device and the Private Gym Pelvic Exercise Program - that stimulate the nerves that produce erections and strengthen the muscles that maintain erections.

Erection Recovery Is a "Dynamic Process"

This process requires motivation, spousal support, patience, willingness to take advantage of natural pro-erection pathways already established in our bodies, including nerves, muscles and vessels.

The Science Behind Viberect®

Viberect is a hand-held vibratory medical device with precise frequency and amplitude of vibration to activate millions of nerve antennas on the surface of the penis. Viberect safely and painlessly stimulates pudendal nerve receptors on both sides of the penis that communicate with critical centers in the brain and spinal cord responsible for erection, rigidity, ejaculation, orgasm and state of well-being. In simple terms, Viberect "turns on" the erection signal to the brain.

STAY TUNED! Reflexonic will soon launch into Male and Female Division on this website! We will shortly also feature exclusive and highest quality products for male and female urinary and sexual dysfunction you cannot find anywhere else, including German Premium ACTIVE Vacuum Erection System, Male and Female washable and odor free protective incontinence underwear, Vaginal Dilators for Atrophic Vaginitis, Pelvic floor Trainers for men and women, urethral closure bands and more! All our products will be medical grade and approved at incredible prices.

Is Viberect Right for Me?

Mild to Moderate Erection Dysfunction

ED affects millions of men at every age. In fact, more than half the men over age 40 experience erectile dysfunction. Now there is a non-invasive and physiologic device that can help. LEARN MORE

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Depression and anxiety can reduce erection ability, which can lead to more stress. Find out how relaxation, stress reduction and vibratory stimulation can help. LEARN MORE

Spinal Cord Injury Ejaculation

Viberect X3 is designed for treating spinal cord injury (SCI) ejaculation issues. This handheld medical vibratory device offers higher amptitude, ideal for SCI conditions. LEARN MORE

Post-Prostate Surgery Recovery

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer among American men. The treatment can lead to ED and incontinence. Nerve stimulation and pelvic floor therapy can reverse these. LEARN MORE

Browse our Most Popular Viberect Products

The VIBERECT®  (Erection Model)
FDA and CE certified. Handheld medical device stimulates nerves in the penis. Learn more about the product.
VIBERECT X3®   (SCI Model)
The powerful X3 model with two motors and higher amplitude is ideal for men with SCI. Learn more about the product.
Erection Recovery Program
Save $20! Combo pack includes Viberect plus Private Gym Pelvic Muscle Exercise Program Learn more about the product.
Private Gym Complete Program
FDA registered male pelvic exercise program builds the muscles that power sexual and urinary health. Learn more about the product.

Watch what the Experts are saying about the benefits of Viberect

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As Featured in <em>Men's Health</em> Magazine

As Featured in Men's Health Magazine

"It's not uncomfortable, it's easy to use, and it's actually fun"...the first time I tried Viberect, the vibrations were so subtle that I didn't think it would work. But my doubts lasted about three minutes - the time it took me to get hard." Read the full article >
Viberect X3 US FDA Registered Ejaculatory System - Boon For IVF Centers

Viberect X3 US FDA Registered Ejaculatory System - Boon For IVF Centers

Viberect X3, a vibratory stimulation system for the penis is free from any side effects and even approved by US FDA. The device is highly effective in patients having erectile dysfunction, unable to have an erection, suffering from a spinal cord injury, have retarded orgasms and anorgasmia. In addition, it can be used to achieve sexual gratification in selected group of patients. Read the full article >
Raise The Outlook For Erectile Dysfunction Patients With A Reflexonic Viberect

Raise The Outlook For Erectile Dysfunction Patients With A Reflexonic Viberect

The Viberect is a monumental development in the area of ED. A large epidemiological survey recently found that vibratory stimulation is safe and beneficial in improving sexual response and satisfaction in American men. The Viberect was developed in the US by a medical device designer with specialization in urology. It has received FDA approval and is now being rolled out into the market in the US Read the full article >

"Thank you for changing my life and my marriage."

My husband who is in his 30's has suffered with severe ED for a few years. He has a few health issues, and we did not want to go the "pill" route. We tried the famous pills but we knew that it was just not sustainable long term. We bought the Viberect about a month ago, we use it 1-2 times a day. My husband's erections are stronger and are lasting longer...It's only been one month and my husband and I are able to have sex without any hormone therapy or pills...- Rebecca H.

Read full testimonial >


Penile Erection and Treatment of ED Study

Viberect® induces similar blood flow and erection responses as by ICI in the majority of patients undergoing CDDU evaluation. Stimulating the bulbocavernosus reflex with Viberect® is a safe, convenient, and well-tolerated modality for CDDU. Randomized prospective multicenter trials are needed to further validate these results and to assess the role of Viberect® during ED diagnosis. Read More >

Penile Rehabilitation After Prostate Cancer Surgery (Prostatectomy) Study

The primary objective is to assess the role of penile vibratory stimulation by the Viberect device in enhancing the recovery of erectile function/rigidity and urinary continence after radical prostatectomy for clinically localized prostate cancer. Read More >

Treatment of Ejaculatory Dysfunction In Men With Spinal Cord Injury Study

Every year, there are approximately 12,000 new cases of spinal cord injury (SCI) in the United States, and thousands more worldwide. Most spinal cord injuries occur in young males. Following SCI, the majority of men become anejaculatory and require medical assistance to procure sperm. Only 10% of men with SCI can ejaculate via masturbation. Read More >
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